The Great Illustration

The Great Illustration

Marriage Matters – Part 2

Hi, thanks for watching our video about marriage and how it is the great illustration God created!
In this video we’ll walk you through:

  • What is an illustration?
    • Illustrator + illustration = Understood truth
  • God Is the Illustrator
    • God Designed Marriage as a Service to Him
    • God’s Original Intent for Marriage is to Communication
  • Marriage, the Great Illustration
    • The Role of the Wife is to Picture the Church
    • The Role of the Husband is to Picture Christ’s Love
  • Gospel, the Understood Truth

0:00 Intro – The Great Illustration
07:05 – What is an Illustration
09:53 – God is the Illustrator
15:57 – Marriage, the Great Illustration
25:38 – Gospel, the Understood Truth

We hope you enjoyed the sermon and would love to see you in person. Plan your visit to Community Baptist Church in Spring Hill, Tennessee today!

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