Heartfelt Gospel Questions

Heartfelt Gospel Questions – Philippians 1:4-11

Thanks for watching our sermon – Heartfelt Gospel Questions!
In this sermon we’ll walk through Philippians 1:4-11:

  1. The heart of a shepherd
    a. Am I thanking God for His people?
    b. Am I offering hope to God’s people?
    c. Am I expressing love to God’s people?
    d. Am I praying specifically for God’s people?
  2. The Heart of a Church Member
    a. Am I being a blessing to those who minister to me?
    b. Am I faithfully partnering with the work of God?
    c. Does my life give assurance that God is at work?
    d. Am I growing in my walk with Christ?
  3. The Heart of God
    a. God is to be thanked for building His church.
    b. God is the One working in your life.
    c. God answers prayer.
    d. God is producing fruit in you.

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