God Speaks To People Of Faith Genesis 17

God Speaks To People Of Faith

Thanks for watching our sermon: God Speaks To People Of Faith
In this sermon we’ll discuss Genesis 17:

  1. God Reveals Himself
    • Revelation
    • Response
  2. God Reiterates His Word
    • Repeated information challenges our faith
    • Repeated information brings encouragement
    • Repeated information expands our understanding
  3. God Offers Instructions
    • The sign of the covenant
    • The people of the covenant
      • Sarai
      • Ishmael
      • Isaac
    • The response to the covenant
      • Obedience is done purposefully.
      • Obedience is to be done immediately.
      • Obedience is done completely.
      • Obedience is sometimes daring and costly!

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