Busybody? Or Busy Building The Body? – Titus 3:8-11

Are You A Busybody Or Are You Busy Building The Body

A Godly Church that Glorifies God – Part 10

Hi, thanks for watching our sermon – Are you a busybody or are you busy building the body!
In this sermon we’ll walk through Titus 3:8-11:

  1. Is it profitable to be busy building the body?
  2. Is it unprofitable to be a busybody?
    a. Division occurs when you debate about things that do not matter
    b. Division occurs when you find ways to elevate yourself
    c. Division occurs when you act in the flesh not in the spirit
    d. Division occurs when you argue about traditions
  3. Respond to those who cause division
    a. Respond with a warning
    b. Be patient
    c. Reject if no response

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