Missions Outreach

Jesus told us, His disciples, to make disciples of all nations. One of the most important values of Community Baptist Church is our mission to the world. It begins in our own community, and spreads overseas to every nation.

Lewis and Sarah Carl
Status: On the field
Field: Venice, Italy
Lewis and Sarah Carl, along with their daughter Amelia, are ministering in Venice, Italy as church-planting missionaries. Though the city is known for its water canals, gondolas, and beautiful masks, and is considered the world’s largest and most preserved museum, it is also a city where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is desperately needed. Someone has said that Venice has not had a true Gospel witness for over 300 years.
Currently, the Carls are serving in the Filipino Bible Church of Venice, preaching, leading Bible studies, and training leaders. They are also concentrating on making Italian contacts in the islands of Venice and the surrounding areas, with a goal of starting an Italian church in Venice in the coming years.



Steve and Julia Griffins
Status: Dominican Republic
We believe the Lord has called us to spread the gospel to all men!  Each one of us has a distinct responsibility to share in the way God has gifted us. Just like in a typical U.S. church ministry, it takes many people to fill all the roles and needs of the church in the Dominican. Not everyone can be a Pastor, but we can all be missionaries!  Whether it is across the street or around the world, our duty as Christians remains the same.  With help from the Lord, His churches, and His people, we plan to teach the Dominicans about the Lord and His finished work on the cross!  We want to make a difference and show the love of Christ to a nation that needs the Lord.

Vitaliy and Anne Sokol
Status: Ukraine
Vitaliy & Anne Sokol live in a small village outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Vitaliy, a Chernobyl child, repented one night in a Ukrainian jail cell when he was a teenager, and his life changed from night to day–from drugs, alcohol, stealing and violence to purity, love, and growth in godliness. Soon he started studying in a Bible institute started by two Bible college graduates, and that’s how he met Anne, who’d come from the States to teach English. They’ve served together in Ukraine for over a decade and have four children: Skyla, Victoria, Andre and Una. Currently, Vitaliy pastors a church in Kiev and runs a rehabilitation center for alcohol and drug addicts in his village house. Evangelism, counseling, and preaching are main priorities of his ministry. Anne homeschools their children, speaks at ladies’ events, and she has been involved in starting a pro-life ministry in Kiev.
Chris and Sadie Kelly
Status: On Deputation.

Closed Countries

We also support two missionary families serving in a closed country where it’s illegal to evangelize. Because of this, we cannot post their names or contact information online.